Mundus Skybox Pack 02

Skybox pack 02 contains ten skyboxes, four sunsets, two sunrises, four midday, varying environments such as oceans, forests and snowscapes. Three of the Skyboxes also form a sequence where the sun is at elevations 5, 90 and 175. Each texture rendered at 2048 x 2048 in Tiff format.

Includes cube maps of each SkyBox and linked RenderFX SkyBox Cubed Material giving only one drawcall instead of six.

Also includes EIGHT 6K x 3K EXR spherical renders for use in 3D modeling software such as Modo.

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SkyBox0209 SkyBox0208 SkyBox0207

SkyBox0206 SkyBox0205 SkyBox0202

SkyBox0201 SkyBox03