Mundus Skybox Pack 01

This package contains twelve skyboxes, including three sunsets, one desert, six mid morning / afternoon, one alien world with cyclone clouds and one night. Five of the Skyboxes also form a sequence where the sun is at elevations 2, 45, 90, 135 and 178 with small cloud movements.

The package has been updated to include cube maps of each SkyBox and linked RenderFX SkyBox Cubed Material giving only one draw call instead of six and Six HDR (.EXR) spherical renders.


Download from the Unity Asset Store now!


ScreenShot02  ScreenShot01  ScreenShot05

ScreenShot04  ScreenShot03

Each HDR spherical render is 4K in size, previews shown below.

HDR004 HDR003 HDR002

HDR001 HDR006 HDR005

Customer reviews


These are the best skyboxes I’ve bought so far. Good selection of ground planes in all of them, and a well defined sun and light direction – makes matching your lights easy.


Looks gorgeous!